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Facebook Followers, what do you prefer?

Do you follow ArtPlantae primarily on Facebook?

If you do, I would like to ask you to help me think through something. If you could take a moment to reply to this one-question poll, I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Reminder: The light publishing schedule at ArtPlantae continues through June.

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Many readers have given me great information and I have learned so much. The Where Do You Live on the Web? poll will remain active in the column on your right. Please respond to this one-question poll if you have not already done so.

Thank you again for your insight. Keep it up!

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Where do you live on the Web?

The Web is a big place and it takes a lot of energy to be where your readers are in this vast landscape. Please help me figure out Who reads What (and Where). Take this quick poll. Many thanks!

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If yes, which pollinator(s) have you included? Enter your comments below.

See last week’s poll:
What type of painting palette do you use? J6HU6DSG5JDW

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Do you use…

An egg carton?
Baby food jars?
Old film canisters?
Old vials used originally for collecting insects?

What is on your painting table? Post your comments below.

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artPlantaeWheat125_DW_FINALThere is always a need to change the size of an image whether it be for a simple email message or to meet any number of Web requirements. Last week there was a need to make a 125×125 graphic (see left). To make the task easier for me, someone suggested I use a website with a handy resizing tool. I want to pay forward the kind tip and share this site with you. Go to www.resize.it to see all the ways you can edit images online. The free image resizing tool at Resize.it is wonderfully practical and easy to use. You even have the option of giving an image a “sketchy” quality. Be sure to bookmark this website because you don’t want to lose track of this one!

The new image above has become ArtPlantae’s profile image on Facebook and Twitter. Have you stopped by our Facebook page or read our Twitter feed? News bites are posted at these sites between our Monday posts.

By the way, is a weekly email still “just enough” for you? Let us know by taking our poll. Watch the results as they come in…

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