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National Environmental Education Week begins today!

Meet natural science illustrator, Christine Elder, whose specialty is teaching children about nature. She will be holding office hours this week at ArtPlantae Today and will be answering questions from readers. Read more about Christine in the following post.

The theme for EE Week is Be Water and Energy Wise. There is no better way to begin this week than with telling you about Shane Burckle the force behind local outreach programs designed to educate the public about our global water crisis. The book, Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, comes with Shane’s enthusiastic recommendation.

On behalf of all contributors to EE Week at the national level and here at ArtPlantae, thank you for your attention and for your participation in our collective efforts to increase environmental literacy.

Feature Articles & Interviews Posted During EE Week 2010

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ArtPlantae is excited to participate as a national partner in National Environmental Education Week (EE Week). Blending the theme for EE Week (Be Water and Energy Wise) with botany and botanical art education has been a rewarding experience. So many people have given their time to participate in the event. There will be so much to learn!

Here is a hint of what is to come during EE Week at ArtPlantae:

  • Learn how one city involves its residents in water conservation activities and how both the city and residents teach others about the importance of water conservation.
  • Learn how an illustrator partnered with habitat restoration experts to restore habitat and create an illustration garden.
  • Does your school have a schoolyard garden? You’ll want to know about this practical tool.
  • Learn how a rain garden benefits the ocean and connects people with plants and their food.
  • Read how a natural science educator created a series of books about ecosystems.
  • Teachers, have you been looking for a way to incorporate nature drawing into your lesson plans? There are workbooks you’ll want to see!
  • Learn how an illustrator has created a venue to teach botany and botanical art from the ground, up.

EE Week is just around the corner!
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