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ArtPlantae is an educational blog written for artists, naturalists, and educators pursuing interests in botany, botanical art, and environmental education. Celebrate Earth Day and National Environmental Education Week with ArtPlantae at the following locations:

    Be a Botanist-Explorer
    Sunnylands Center and Gardens
    Rancho Mirage, CA

    Follow in the footsteps of botanist-explorers and learn how to observe and document plants while sketching in the gardens at Sunnylands. Participants will be introduced to the history of botanical illustration and the fascinating world of plants. Participants are invited to bring their own sketchbooks. Sketchbooks should not be larger than 9” x 12”. Alternatively, a clipboard with printer paper works wonderfully too. A folding stool or camping stool to use in the garden is suggested, but not necessary. Pencils will be provided.
    Fee: $10 per participant. Space is limited.

    Saturday, April 8, 2017
    9:30 – 11:30 am
    Register Online

    Desert Institute
    Joshua Tree National Park Association

    Old School House Lectures
    Twentynine Palms, CA

    Learn about Henry R. Mockel, an East Coast artist and former resident of Twentynine Palms who recorded desert life in his sketchbook and who is known for his illustrations of desert wildflowers. The Old School House Museum is located at 6760 National Park Drive, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277. (Map & Directions)

    Friday, April 14, 2017
    Lectures begin at 7:00 pm
    Fee: $5 at the door

    Earth Night in the Garden

    Western Municipal Water District Demonstration Garden
    Landscapes Southern California Style
    Riverside, CA

    Celebrate Earth Day 2017 at this wildly successful family event hosted by the Western Municipal Water District (WMWD). Environmental education organizations and environment-friendly businesses will each host an activity. There will also be photo opportunities with Drippy the Water Drop, Pam the Lady Bug, Ribbit the Frog, Mother Nature, and Mr. Bumble Bee. The WMWD garden is located at 450 E.Alessandro Blvd, Riverside, CA.

    Thursday, April 20, 2017
    3:00 – 7:00 pm

    Family Day at Sunnylands

    Sunnylands Center and Gardens
    Rancho Mirage, CA

    Kick-off National Environmental Education Week with ArtPlantae at Sunnylands. This annual Family Day event is dedicated to the wonders of nature and science. There will be exploration stations about birds, insects, monarch butterflies and other animals. ArtPlantae will host two botanical art stations — one for children and one for adults. See you there!

    Sunday, April 23, 2017
    9:30 am – 2:00 pm

    Henry Mockel’s Desert Wildflowers

    Fullerton Arboretum
    Fullerton, CA
    Finish National Environmental Education Week by learning about Henry R. Mockel, an East coast artist known for his paintings of California desert plants. In 1917 he published “Mockel’s Desert Wildflower Notebook,” a book featuring descriptions and illustrations of 133 desert plants. Learn more about Henry and begin your own wildflower notebook while sketching in the Arboretum’s Desert Collection. Participants should bring a mixed media sketchbook no larger than 9” x 12”. Class fee includes selected art supplies. Fee: $60 non-members, $50 members

    Saturday, April 29, 2017
    1:00 – 4:00 pm
    Register Online

This information has also been posted to Classes Near You > Southern California.

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EEWK2016-PartnerBadge-Sunflower It’s National Environmental Education Week!

If you live in southern California’s Inland Empire, mark April 24 on your calendar. You are invited to spend a day in the garden with ArtPlantae and other environmental educators at In the Garden: Birds, Bugs and Blooms, a family day event at Sunnylands Center & Gardens in Rancho Mirage.

Participate in scavenger hunts, guided tours, arts & crafts activities, and learn about insects, birds, reptiles and plants. ArtPlantae will host two learning stations during this event. One station will be about botanical illustration and the other station will be about patterns and scientific illustration.

Join us for a full day of springtime fun!

    In the Garden: Birds, Bugs and Blooms
    Sunnylands Center and Gardens
    Rancho Mirage, CA
    9:30 am – 2:00 pm
    More Information

More EE Week Resources for Parents and Educators

Browse the ArtPlantae EE Week archives below or conduct a search for related topics using the search box at right. Be sure to also see the resources available at the National Environmental Education & Training Foundation (www.neefusa.org).

EE Week Archive 2010

EE Week Archive 2011

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Technology has enabled botanical art instructors to connect with new students through online classes. So many online classes have been announced that this type of class now has its own page in the Classes Near You section.

Discover natural science illustration and botanical art during EE Week 2015!

Do you teach botanical art, natural science illustration or nature journaling online? If you do, please send your information to ArtPlantae.

Cornell University

View Cornell’s Distance Learning Program

  • Botanical Illustration I: Basic Drawing Techniques
  • Botanical Illustration II: Working with Watercolor
  • Botanical Illustration III: Advanced Techniques

Each class costs $600. The next session for each begins May 4, 2015. The Spring session ends June 20, 2015. Click on the link above to register and to be notified about upcoming sessions.

Learn More

Gretchen Kai Halpert

Gretchen Kai Halpert is the owner and the instructor of a new online program in scientific illustration. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Gretchen has many years of experience working as a scientific illustrator and teaching programs about natural science illustration.

    Scientific Illustration Distance Learning Program
    Two new Sessions (I and II) begin April 15 and 14, respectively.

    Session I includes basic drawing skills that are the background to any and all illustration. We cover lighting, scientific conventions, proportion, perspective and value, working from life and from We a variety of natural history objects. This class is appropriate for both beginners and intermediate students. Advanced students should talk with me before enrolling. Students work with graphite, with an introduction to crow quill and ink at week 9.

    Session II advances to more complex drawings, using crow quill and ink, and scratchboard.

    Contact Gretchen at ghalpert@stny.rr.com for more information Contact Gretchen Halpert for information.

A Conversation with Gretchen Kai Halpert

Jane LaFazio

Jane is a mixed media artist and a member of the San Diego Sketchcrawl group. Jane teaches at conferences across the U.S. and leads classes in Italy and Greece too. In addition to sketching classes, Jane teaches workshops in collage, mixed media, and quilting. There are always many, many opportunities to learn from Jane in-person. Below is a short list of classes that may be of interest to you. To view all of Jane’s upcoming classes, see her teaching schedule online.

Also see this interview with Jane and her Ask The Artist Q&A with readers.

Mindy Lighthipe

Mindy Lighthipe is an award-winning natural science illustrator and the author of the children’s book Mother Monarch. She leads tours to Costa Rica and teaches scientific illustration at the University of Florida.

    Foundation Drawing 101 – Working in Graphite
    Online program with Mindy Lighthipe
    April 15 – June 17, 2015 (10 weeks)
    Natural science illustrator Mindy Lighthipe begins another 10-week session of her online class Foundation Drawing 101 – Working in Graphite. Instruction includes videos, one-on-one feedback and learning from fellow classmates.

    Assignments and classroom conversation are hosted in private areas online. Instructional material can be viewed on a desktop computer or iPad. Beginning and advanced artists are welcome.

    Study drawing and discover natural science illustration!

    Drawing the Beauty of Plants

    A new eight-week online course begins May 13, 2015. Subjects to be covered include: leaf anatomy and taxonomy, measuring and dissection, atmospheric perspective, scientific lighting, composition, root systems, nature journaling and accurate note taking.

    Learn More

Anna Mason

Learn how to paint botanical subjects with great detail. Online classes include step-by-step tutorials, access to the Knowledge Base of Anna’s School of Watercolor, sketchbook exercises, practice exercises and a supportive community of artists from which to learn. Need help getting started? Sign up to receive Anna’s free Pick Up Your Brush class.

Learn More

Billy Showell

Subscribe to receive a new tutorial every two weeks. Artists of all abilities are welcome. Choose from one of three plans:

  • FREE – Access to a selection of basic lessons.
  • Monthly Plan – Access to current projects. New projects uploaded every two weeks. Subscribers at this level also receive access to the previous two months of projects and tutorials.
  • Six-Month Plan – Six-month membership with access to all current and new projects. Access to projects, courses and tutorials from previous six months.

Learn More

Val Webb

The Illustrated Garden, A Studio Blog

Val Webb is an illustrator and teacher who teaches both live and online workshops. Be sure to watch Val’s online tutorial, Botanical Drawing with Pencil and Watercolor. Connect with The Illustrated Garden on Facebook.

Learn from Val this summer. Here is what’s on the schedule:

  • Draw and Paint Six Culinary Herbs – Begins June 2, 2015
  • Drawn and Decorated Watercolor Lettering – Begins June 2, 2015
  • Drawing Dogs & Cats – Begins June 2, 2015
  • Botanical Notebook Paintings – Begins July 6, 2015

Learn More

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National Environmental Education Week begins today!

Educators are encouraged to visit the EE Week website and to take advantage of the resources available for their classrooms and programs.

This week we’ll highlight resources for artists, naturalists and educators. Some will come from the depths of ArtPlantae’s archives and others will be new resources to consider. Take, for example, the new book by paper engineer and book artist Shawn Sheehy.

Last month Shawn published his first trade book, Welcome to the Neighborwood. This book is about animals and ecosystems found in many locations across the country. Children and adults will learn about land snails, hummingbirds, garden spiders, honeybees, Potter wasps, beavers and stickleback fish in the kind of grand pop-up style only Shawn can deliver.

Begin EE Week by taking a few moments to look inside Shawn’s new book and learn how Shawn created his book by watching the videos on his website.

Then take a trip to your local bookstore and treat yourself or your favorite young naturalist to Welcome to the Neighborwood!

ArtPlantae is an affiliate of IndieBound and a supporter of independent bookstores.

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Teachers! Register for EE Week. Click image for more information.

Teachers! Register for EE Week. Click image for more information.

ArtPlantae is proud to be one of many national partners celebrating National Environmental Education Week (EE Week). This year the EE Week theme is Greening STEM: Surrounded by Science.

In the past, special guests have stopped by to visit with us during EE Week. Together we’ve learned about water, Nature’s sounds, the blue of the artist’s ocean, and many other topics.

This year ArtPlantae will lead EE Week-related activities at venues in Riverside and Orange counties. On Earth Day itself, you’ll find ArtPlantae at Earth Night in the Garden, a popular family event held in the Mission Grove area of Riverside. Upcoming events include:

    Muir & Mockel: Drawing California Plants

    La Quinta Museum
    La Quinta, CA
    April 17, 2015
    3-4 PM
    John Muir was not the only naturalist to document the flora of California. An equally passionate east coast artist documented desert wildflowers of the Coachella Valley. You are invited to learn more about this long time resident of Twentynine Palms. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition, “Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy”
    (March 29 – May 31, 2015). FREE

    Take a Break from Technology

    Discovery Session at Green Scene
    Sunday, April 19, 2015
    1:00 – 1:45 PM
    Capture images of your favorite plants without a camera. Turn off your electronic devices and explore the plant collections at the Fullerton Arboretum with a No. 2 pencil. Free with admission to Green Scene.
    What is Green Scene?

    Earth Night in the Garden

    Western Municipal Water District
    Landscapes Southern California Style
    450 E. Alessandro Blvd.
    Riverside, CA
    April 22, 2015
    3-7 PM
    Learn about “Plants, Life, Riverside”, an interpretive project about plants in urban settings. FREE
    More about Landscapes Southern California Style

    A Visitor’s Guide to the Palm Garden

    Fullerton Arboretum at CSU Fullerton
    Thursday, May 21, 2015 (10 am – 1 pm)
    Learn about the Arboretum’s plant collections and begin an illustrated guide to the Arboretum. No art experience necessary. Garden enthusiasts, first-time botanists and first-time artists welcome! Participants should bring to class one mixed-media sketchbook (9” x 12”) to use as their personalized guide to plants. Participants should also bring with them a small folding camping stool (or artist’s chair) to use out in the garden. Art supplies provided.
    $28 members, $35 non-members
    Limit: 12

    Pollination Ecology for Young Naturalists

    Fullerton Arboretum at CSU Fullerton
    Saturday, May 23, 2015 (10 am – 12 pm)
    Young ecologists (ages 12+) will learn about plant-pollinator relationships and learn how to record observations like field artists. Participants will receive a field journal to record their observations.
    $25 members, $20 non-members
    Limit: 15

    Pollination Ecology for Young Naturalists

    Thursday, May 28 (10:30 am – 12:00 pm)
    This class is for young ecologists (ages 3-5) and one parent/guardian. Young ecologists will learn about plant-pollinator relationships and will receive one copy of the coloring book Colorful Edibles. Fee covers one child/adult pair.
    $22 members, $18 non-members

    Pollination Ecology for Young Naturalists

    Fullerton Arboretum at CSU Fullerton
    Saturday, May 30, 2015 (10 am – 12 pm)
    Young ecologists (ages 12+) will learn about plant-pollinator relationships and learn how to record observations like field artists. Participants will receive a field journal to record their observations.
    $25 members, $20 non-members
    Limit: 15

Register for EE Week

Educators are encouraged to register for National Environmental Education Week. The benefits of registering include toolkits, free webinars and networking with other educators across the country. Learn More


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Two years ago we learned from U.S. Coastguard licensed Captain Suzan Wallace during National Environmental Education Week. The 2011 theme for EE Week was Ocean Connections and back then she shared with us how she brought the ocean into her classroom.

Well, Captain Wallace is retired now and is enjoying retirement to its fullest. I am happy to report that she set sail yesterday and is sharing her journey via a video feed on the Ustream.tv channel she created. Please join me in congratulating Captain Wallace on her retirement and on embarking on her next big adventure!

What do video feeds from the ocean look like?

Visit Captain Wallace’s video log on the Ustream page, Voyages of the Sparrow.


Read the 2011 EE Week interview with Captain Wallace

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Go to EEWeek.org

Learn more about EE Week.

Welcome to National Environmental Education Week (EE Week) at ArtPlantae!

Our community of artists, naturalists and educators welcome you to our gathering place. Here you will find interesting dialog between readers and featured guests, and engaging conversation among readers as they help each other by sharing tips and tools. You will also discover classes about botanical art, natural science illustration, botany and the book arts that are taught across the U.S., in Europe and at other exciting locations (Morocco, anyone?). This week we will learn about a class with an artist/explorer, a class about how to create a garden journal, and much more.

Looking for an exhibition about plants and natural history art?
See the “Exhibits to Visit” section located in the column at right.

Interested in using drawing as a learning tool when teaching about plants in your classroom or program? See the “Teaching & Learning” section also in the column to your right.

This month we are exploring how technology can be used to encourage an interest in plants and botanical art. We are also taking a traditional look at botanical art. Glad you can join us.

To be notified about new classes, new guests and new conversation among readers, click on the “Follow” tab in your browser’s window or join the mailing list.

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