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Wendy Hollender will show you how.

She will also spend the next year supporting you on your journey.

Wendy Hollender is a botanical artist, illustrator, author and instructor. She is the author of Botanical Drawing in Color: A Basic Guide to Mastering Realistic Form and Naturalistic Color and Botanical Drawing: A Beginner’s Guide. She is the co-owner of Botanical Arts Press, LLC and the co-creator of a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign. Wendy has years of experience introducing botanical illustration to new audiences. Now she is ready to help you make nature drawing a habit.

The meditative and relaxing effects of observing and drawing nature have long been known. Making it a part of your life practice, however, has always been a challenge and it seems to get worse with every technological advancement and with every holiday release of a new gadget.

So how can you slow things down a bit?

Consider Wendy’s new subscription program A Year of Botanical Drawing. Announced only two days ago, Wendy’s one-year program provides students with the structure and support to learn botanical illustration, to develop their new skills and to make drawing a life-fulfilling habit. Enrollment is now open. The program begins in January 2016.

When registering for this program, students can choose between two options. For Option One, students receive a printed hard copy lesson with an easel-style binder in the mail each month. This easel-style binder keeps the current lesson propped up while working. For Option Two, students receive their monthly lesson as a PDF document. The only difference between the two options has to do with the format in which students receive their lessons. Other than this, both options include the following:

  • Online monthly instructional video
  • Mid-month online group meeting with interactive features allowing for group participation and the review of student drawings.
  • A private page for students enrolled in the program. This page features the current lesson, instructional video and a place for students to communicate with each other and with Wendy.
  • Private image and comment sharing with Wendy.
  • Regional student drawing groups (when possible)
  • Option to take part in a summer drawing retreat (not included in subscription price)
  • Year-end online exhibition of student work.
  • Private critique available (not included in subscription price)

Give the gift of inner peace and stress relief this holiday season.
Learn more about this exciting new program at Drawing in Color.


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Gretchen Kai Halpert
Gretchen Kai Halpert is the founder and instructor of a new online program in scientific illustration. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Gretchen has many years of experience working as a scientific illustrator and teaching programs about natural science illustration.

Learn more about the distance learning program in scientific illustration at http://www.gretchenhalpert-distanceprogram.com.

    Scientific Illustration, Session I, Graphite

    January 26-March 29, 2016
    7:00-9:00 EST or email
    Session I includes basic drawing skills that are the background to any and all illustration. We cover lighting, scientific conventions, proportion, perspective and value, working from life and from a variety of natural history objects. Students work in graphite, and are introduced to crow quill with ink. This class is appropriate for both beginners and intermediate students. Advanced students should talk with Gretchen before enrolling.
    Go to www.gretchenhalpert-distanceprogram.com to view application on home page.

    Scientific Illustration, Session II, Pen and Ink

    January 18-March 28, 2015 (no class Feb 16)
    Session II focuses on composition, technical accuracy, how to conduct research, and producing portfolio pieces. In this class, we become adept with crow quill and ink on paper and scratchboard.

    Go to www.gretchenhalpert-distanceprogram.com to view application on home page.

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Nevin's Barberry with Bluebird Oct 2015_© Estelle DeRidder, all rights reserved

Nevin’s Barberry with Bluebird Oct 2015_© Estelle DeRidder, all rights reserved

In 2012 botanical artist Estelle DeRidder received a grant from the American Society of Botanical Artists to create plant identification cards about plants at the Madrona Marsh Preserve in southern California. A traveling exhibition about the plants of Madrona Marsh launched in November 2014. The second installment of this ongoing project,
The Flora of Madrona Marsh II, is now complete and on view at Madrona Marsh through December 3, 2015.

You’re Invited!

An opening reception will be held on Sunday, November 15 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Meet Estelle and view the illustrations of 12 plant species she created for this phase of her project. Dessert and coffee will be served.

The Madrona Marsh is located at 3201 Plaza Del Amo, Torrance, CA 90503.
Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 10:00am – 5:00pm
View map

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What can manuscripts from the ancient Mediterranean contribute to the search for novel medicines?

Find out next month when Dr. Alain Touwaide, Historian of Science and Medicine and Scientific Director of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions presents The Ancient Mediterranean Pharmacopeia: A Source for Novel Medicines? at UCLA.

This presentation will occur on Wednesday, November 18 from 5:00 – 6:15 pm.


    University of California, Los Angeles
    Royce Hall 314
    10745 Dickson Plaza
    Los Angeles, CA 90095
    Visit UCLA


More about Dr. Touwaide’s research and his work with ancient manuscripts.

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Alain Touwaide, Scientific Director at the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions (IPMT), to teach at UCLA. Alain will teach The Legacy of Ancient Medicine for the Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies.

Learn more about the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions and its founders in this interview and this video introduction.

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The New England Society of Botanical Artists invites you to join them!

    © Kathie Miranda, all rights reserved

    © Kathie Miranda, all rights reserved

    Botanical Patterns in Silverpoint & Pastel Dust
    Kathie Miranda
    November 6-7, 2015

    N.E.S.B.A Sponsored Workshop
    Princeton, MA.

    Before graphite pencils, artists used metal point, a small rod of metal sharpened to a point, to make marks on a prepared surface. Silver is the most popular metal because it produces an extremely delicate pale gray line – perfect for drawing plant life. Silver is easy to apply and will tarnish over time to mellow browns. The class will include discussions of the historical context of silverpoint as well as a survey of the various studio-prepared surfaces used by the Old Masters. Using plant material as our inspiration, we will treat this old art technique to a modern twist! We will apply a special ground to watercolor paper that easily accepts silverpoint; and enhance our work with the colorful addition of pastel dust. Students are encouraged to bring a small (6 – 8” potted plant) or any related (botanical) reference materials. At the beginning of the first class, we will make a paper sampler with different silverpoint grounds using a simple white watercolor paint and a sumptuous Old Masters recipe provided by the instructor. To economize class time, students are encouraged to come to class with a completed line drawing of their chosen specimen plus any related reference materials (jpegs, prints, or live plant material).


    Kathie Miranda is an award-winning botanical artist and educator and recently taught this workshop for the Art League in NYC. She studied at Lyme Academy of Art and at Paier College of Art, and holds a Certificate of Botanical Art and Illustration from The New York Botanical Garden, where she is a highly sought-after instructor in their adult education art program. She serves on the Board of the American Society of Botanical Artists; is Past President of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Greater New York Chapter; and maintains active memberships in the Connecticut Watercolor Society, Pencil Art Society, and the Colored Pencil Society of America. She exhibits her work nationally, and is currently researching and illustrating flora of Connecticut for future exhibition and publication.

    Friday/Saturday, 2-day workshop 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m daily
    Fee: $150 (plus $5 material fee to instructor)
    Pre-registration required with fee paid in advance by October 9, 2015.

    Please Register Early – Enrollment limited to 12 students

    Kathleen Kummer, Treasurer, NESBA.

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More Information

Visit the New England Society of Botanical Artists

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A new school year begins in the Certificate Program in Botanical Art and Illustration at Wellesley College Botanic Gardens. Here is what’s new at Classes Near You > Massachusetts:

Friends of Wellesley College Botanic Gardens

Certificate Program in Botanical Art and Illustration

This program offers several weekly and one- to three-day classes on botanical art with lead instructor and Education Director Sarah Roche as well as Carol Govan, Carrie Megan, Carol Ann Morley, Esther Klahne, and other visiting instructors. The courses offered through this program cover all aspects of botanical art. Along with Sarah’s twice-yearly offerings, Foundations of Botanical Drawing and Painting and the more advanced Techniques of Botanical Drawing and Painting, here is a brief overview of the 2015-2016 course offerings:

  • Carrie Megan’s Beginning Botanical Drawing I and II classes and Seed Pods: Larger than Life in Black & White and Ranunculus (or Roses) in Spring
  • Carol Govan’s Introduction to Botany Through Drawing
  • Susan Fisher’s Color Mixing for Artists
  • Carol Ann Morley’s Pen & Ink I: Foundations for Botanical Rendering
  • Ann Swan’s Taster Day and Tactile Textures, Tips and Tricks
  • Esther Klahne’s Season of Wither: A Studio Focus on Vellum
  • Denise Walser-Kolar’s Painting on Vellum
  • Lara Call Gastinger’s Painting in Sepia
  • Sarah Roche’s beginner class, Drawing and Painting for the Petrified
  • Sarah Roche’s studio focus class Leafy Greens

Learn more about Wellesley’s certificate program

View current Programs, Courses, & Travel schedule

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