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International Orders & PayPal too!

International Orders & PayPal too!

Dear All,

This past week I created a new website for the store. If you helped test the website, allow me to once again thank you for your help. This week has been a “soft” opening. Some of you have already seen and used the new store. This tells me links outside of this website are working.

This change means the store has some new capabilities. Here is a summary:

  • International orders can now be placed online. All you need to do is select your country during checkout.
  • The store speaks 45 languages! That is to say, the store and the receipts it produces can be presented in up to 45 different languages.
  • Payment through PayPal is now an option at checkout.
  • Do you prefer to pay with a credit card? Credit card transactions will continue to be processed through Square.
  • Shipping rates are real-time from the US Postal Service.
  • Domestic orders will continue to ship by USPS Media Mail.
  • International orders will be shipped using USPS First-Class Mail International or USPS Priority Mail International.

The store’s new Web address is https://artplantae.ecwid.com.

Please update your bookmarks and websites.

Thank you!

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ArtPlantae Launches New Website

Only hours ago, a new website was launched at ArtPlantae.com. This new site will serve as a gateway to my offline and online projects and serve as a fresh new introduction to this growing community.

This site here at ArtPlantae Today will continue as it has been. There will be some housecleaning, but that’s about it. For example, you may have noticed the teaching and learning section has been removed from the right margin. The posts to this popular column can now be found in the tab above titled, “Teaching & Learning Archive”. Future posts will be collected here, if you need to revisit an article or download information for your classroom or program.

If there are other notable changes, I will announce them.

Thank you for your patience.

See the new ArtPlantae.com

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Facebook Followers, what do you prefer?

Do you follow ArtPlantae primarily on Facebook?

If you do, I would like to ask you to help me think through something. If you could take a moment to reply to this one-question poll, I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Reminder: The light publishing schedule at ArtPlantae continues through June.

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The Square e-commerce platform has launched its new e-invoice service.
This service will now be used for international orders. I wanted to introduce you to the change and make you familiar with what the invoice will look like.

Below is a small slide show featuring examples of:

  • The email you will receive when an invoice is sent to you.
  • The secure payment screen you will be taken to when you click on “Pay Invoice” in the email you receive.
  • The ‘Thank You’ screen you will see when payment is complete.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for your continued interest in ArtPlantae and its educational activities.

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Dear Readers,

The new year begins with changes at ArtPlantae — each positive and each a welcome sign of forward movement.

The first, and most noticeable change, is the launch of Plants, Life, Riverside, a project that brings to life ArtPlantae’s mission of encouraging an interest in plants and exploring drawing as a learning tool. This project isn’t a one-off project, but a way of life and what I learn on this journey will be shared here. While this project may begin in Riverside, CA its reach extends well beyond the busy urban landscape of this southern California town.

The second change has to do with ArtPlantae Books. The store has a new home and a refined focus. The store has moved permanently to the Square Market. This move streamlines e-commerce operations and keeps the shopping experience consistent for customers who shop with ArtPlantae at events and online. Customers who make in-person purchases have the added benefit of receiving exclusive discounts when they shop with ArtPlantae at an event. Each purchase is recorded as a stamp on the ArtPlantae Loyalty Card built into the Square Wallet platform. Customers with five stamps on their card receive a discount that can be applied to a future purchase.

Do you shop at Starbucks or other neighborhood businesses using Square Wallet? Use this app to shop at ArtPlantae and save on learning opportunities and resources.

The store’s move to the Square Market means it also has a new address. Please note that the ArtPlantaeBooks.com address will be phased out now that the store has a refined look, function and focus. When you visit the new store, you’ll notice there are fewer categories and the emphasis has shifted to better support ArtPlantae’s educational outreach efforts. Valuable resources for artists, naturalists and educators will continue to be featured, as will the exquisite exhibition catalogs of contemporary botanical art.

As exciting as the new store is, there is one tiny hiccup. The Square platform does not accommodate international orders. Please know, however, I will continue to ship internationally. Because the exhibition catalogs are shipped overseas more often than other items, shipping instructions for international customers are included on the product pages for the catalogs (see example).

The new year promises to be an exciting time. Thank you for being loyal readers and for your continued enthusiasm.

Wishing you a creative and fulfilling new year,


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Where can we go to see plants in Riverside?

I heard someone say this at an event last year. I did not respond to the woman who was thinking this aloud. I only wondered why, in a park setting, she did not see the plants around her. Why did she think it was necessary to go somewhere specific to see plants?

Her question confirmed observations I had made and validated my plans for 2014 and Plants, Life, Riverside, an ongoing exploration of plants within the city limits of Riverside, CA.

This project is about awareness and local history.
It’s about plants and people.
It’s about botany that is accessible, digestible and curbside.

It’s about ArtPlantae living its mission aloud — encouraging an interest in plants, connecting people and exploring drawing as a learning tool.

It’s also about appreciating plants and how they contribute to life, no matter where you are.

You are invited to join me on this journey. Please check back here for updates. If you prefer to have the updates come to you, follow this site or follow along on Facebook or Twitter.

Where are the plants in this urban landscape?

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Made by Hand

Made by Hand is the topic for December.

What do we create with our hands? What do they do for us?

We’ll begin this month by taking a look at the illustrations and documents created by centuries of botanists and artists. Plus we’ll revisit an ongoing project that is transforming a historic text into an illuminated manuscript.

And before I go…
Last month I announced that the publishing schedule for November and December would be light. I wanted to include this reminder, in case you’re wondering where I went. Hope you’ve enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend.

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